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Who We Are

Founded in 1965, Uniflame began its activity by designing and producing refills using a number of interchangeable valves for any kind of cigarette lighter, thereby taking the name of UNIFLAME: Universal Flame.

Soon after, Uniflame began producing lamps and stoves using 190g, butan cartridges, immediately followed by blow lamps and a line of cylinders and accessories.

Over the years, these articles have been rewed and perfected continuously, making the product more modern and safer, in accordance with CEE requirements, and giving them a styling beyond the concept of basic camping.

After the classic and reliable gas stoves and lamps, novelties such as IGLOO ice chests made in U.S.A., the disposable BAR-BE-QUICK as well as new products designed for complete satisfaction of the consumers'new requirements, have been introduced by us on the national market.

The diffusion of UNIFLAME products, now with a prominent position on the market, is motivated by their excellent standard of quality.

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